Quick Reference Guide

Cache Use in an Emergency

The equipment and supplies in the caches are owned by the County of Orange and are considered “Loaned Equipment” under the master agreement for a healthcare facility to perform the following services, upon County direction:

  • Response to a mass casualty event or public health emergency
  • Supporting medical surge capacity to healthcare facilities within and outside Orange County through mutual aid

Cache Use For Training& Exercises

The equipment and supplies in the caches may be used for training purposes if the cache remains readily available and in working order for use in a mass casualty event or public health emergency.

 Healthcare facilities are expected to provide yearly trainings on the utilization of the various types of equipment.

Storage / Maintenance

The healthcare facility shall properly maintain the equipment and supplies.

 Rotate medical and surgical supplies with the healthcare facilities in order to ensure medications, medical and surgical supplies are not expired.  This may be done by incorporating core medical and surgical supply items with expiration dates into regular usage and replace as used.


May 31st of every year, the healthcare facility shall submit an annual inventory attesting the equipment and supplies in the caches are accounted for.

 The County, at its discretion, will conduct an onsite inventory to ascertain the accuracy of the inventory count.

In the event equipment is lost or missing, the healthcare facility has 60 days to reimburse the County or replace the lost or missing “Loaned Equipment.”

Loss & Movement

The healthcare facility must report loss or theft of “Loaned Equipment” to the County.

 The healthcare facility must notify the County if “Loaned Equipment” is moved from one location to another or returned to the County as surplus.

The healthcare facility must receive County approval prior to moving equipment from one location to another.

 Process will include a written notification to the County, approval by the County and facilities must provide quantities and name of products moved.

Contact Information

HPP Coordinator

Jody Nguyen
Phone:  714-834-2171 / Fax:  714-834-3125/ Cell:  714-483-0167

EMS Coordinator

Mike Steinkraus
Phone:  714-834-3124 / Fax:  714-834-3125/ Cell:  714-720-1464