Become a Volunteer

In an effort to strengthen the disaster volunteer registration system state-wide, Orange County and the State of California utilize one volunteer database system, known as Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV).The process to becoming a Volunteer

All volunteers wishing to join the Orange County MRC must be pre-credentialed prior to assignment. Orange County utilizes the DHV system to register and validate the credentials of its volunteers. Volunteers will not be mandated to respond outside of Orange County.

DHV is a nationwide system intended to recruit, register, and pre-credential health professionals that can be called upon to offer immediate assistance in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This allows for a centralized source of volunteer information to facilitate Intra-State, State-to-State, and State-to-Federal transfer of volunteer health professionals.

The OCMRC is organized under Orange County’s Health Care Agency’s (HCA) Health Disaster Management (HDM) Division.  Your information is kept private and will never be shared to outside sources.

Please read the instructions below on how to register with OCMRC.

Account Creation

Go to the DHV online registration Click on NOT Registered to start.

Volunteer Affiliation

    For “Which County do you wish to be affiliated with?” – SELECT ORANGE
    For “Are you already a member of an MRC or DMAT? “ – SELECT MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS
    For “Which unit are you a member of?” – SELECT ORANGE COUNTY MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS

Complete the online registration process and fill in all of the fields marked with a red asterisk. Also, COMPLETELY fill in your Drivers License Information.

Your unit leader will contact you to follow up with your registration. Please note that you are not a member of the MRC until after you complete the required on-line trainings, have been contacted by your unit leader and  receive an official notification of acceptance.

If you have any questions contact the OCMRC staff at