Upcoming Standing Orders and Policies

 Upcoming Standing Orders & Policies


OCEMS has posted the following Upcoming Standing Orders and Policies

OCEMS Service Providers may choose to implement these Standing Orders and Policies prior to the posted Effective Date

Effective Date April 1, 2017


Administrative SO
Section UL
 I-10 Abbreviation Definitions (795.5 KB)
 I-15 Adult SO Drug Guide (2.22 MB)
 I-20 Pediatric Medication Dosages (by Wt) (1.28 MB)
 SO-ALS General SO (538 KB)
ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SPC-SO-1 Special Deployment (Fireline-Tactical Medical ALS Rescue (631.6 KB)
CARDIAC -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-C-10 Cardiac Arrest w LifeVest (966.1 KB)
 SO-C-15 Chest Pain w LifeVest (760.4 KB)
 SO-C-20 Bradycardia (618.4 KB)
 SO-C-25 SVT (535.1 KB)
 SO-C-45 LVAD (614.6 KB)
Section UL
 SO-E-25 Thermal (501.6 KB)
Section UL
 IFT-SO-1 IFT ALS SO (590.1 KB)
 IFT-SO-2a IFT ALS SO Cardiac Arrest (480 KB)
 IFT-SO-2b Cardiac Rhythms (432.4 KB)
 IFT-SO-3 Service Provider Dispatch and Transport Criteria (1.4 MB)
 IFT-SO-4 The Hospice Patient (393.8 KB)
MEDICAL -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-M-15 Allergic (340.6 KB)
 SO-M-20 AMS (295.7 KB)
 SO-M-25 CVA (620.6 KB)
 SO-M-30 Behavioral (499.4 KB)
 SO-M-40 SZ (241.9 KB)
 SO-M-45 Shock (491.2 KB)
 SO-M-50 OD (677.9 KB)
 SO-M-55 Sepsis (542.5 KB)
PEDIATRICS -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-P-05 ALTE (462.1 KB)
 SO-P-10 Newborn Care (651.5 KB)
 SO-P-110 LVAD (607.6 KB)
 SO-P-15 Peds Injury (969.8 KB)
 SO-P-20 Trauma Arrest (502.2 KB)
 SO-P-35 Resp (273.5 KB)
 SO-P-40 Cardiac Arrest (301.6 KB)
 SO-P-45 Bradycardia (229.1 KB)
 SO-P-60 Allergic (306.6 KB)
 SO-P-60 Allergic (306.6 KB)
 SO-P-65 AMS (296.1 KB)
 SO-P-75 SZ (249.7 KB)
 SO-P-80 Shock (252.6 KB)
 SO-P-85 OD (352.6 KB)
 SO-P-90 Vomiting (426.1 KB)
PROCEDURES - ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-806.1 Procedures Prior to Base Contact (612.4 KB)
 SO-806.2a Procedures Prior to Base Hospital Contact (482.2 KB)
 SO-806.2b Procedures Prior to Base Hospital Contact (437 KB)
TRAUMA -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-T-25 Taser (553.5 KB)