Upcoming Standing Orders and Procedures for Implementation on October 1, 2017

 Upcoming New and Revised Standing Orders & Procedures


OCEMS has posted the following Upcoming New and Revised Standing Orders and Procedures

OCEMS Service Providers may choose to implement these Standing Orders and Procedures prior to the posted Effective Date

Effective Date October 1, 2017

Upcoming Standing Orders & Procedures Memo
#2991 New and Revised Medical Standing Orders and Procedures
Oct 1, 2017 Update Summary

1st Responder - Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-FR-002 Oxygen Administration (229.5 KB)
 SO-FR-003 AED 2017 (543.1 KB)
Administrative Standing Orders
Section UL
 I-15 ALS Adult / Adolescent Standing Order Drug Guide (2.06 MB)
 I-20 Pediatric Medication Doses (By Length and Weight) (1.16 MB)
 SO-806.1 ALS Procedures Prior to Base Contact (564.1 KB)
ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-ALS ALS General Standing Orders - OCEMS Accredited Paramedic (582.6 KB)
 SO-AMA Signing Against Medical Advice (AMA) in the Field (628.8 KB)
 SO-C-030 Narrow Complex, Irregular Tachycardia - Adult/Adolescent (199.6 KB)
 SO-C-045 Cardiac Arrest with Left Ventricular Assist Device (567.7 KB)
 SO-M-020 Altered Mental Status - Adult / Adolescent (304.1 KB)
 SO-M-025 Suspected Acute Stroke or Intracranial Hemmorhage ( Including Stroke Triage Criteria) (618.1 KB)
 SO-M-030 Psychiatric / Behavioral Emergencies - Adult / Adolescent (501.9 KB)
 SO-M-040 Seizure / Convulsion - Adult / Adolescent (263.7 KB)
 SO-M-050 Substance Overdose / Poisoning - Adult / Adolescent (665.2 KB)
 SO-M-080 Sedation for Endotracheal Intubation - Adult / Adolescent (229.2 KB)
 SO-P-010 Field Delivery of a Newborn (591.7 KB)
 SO-P-045 Bradycardia - Pediatric (236.7 KB)
 SO-P-065 Altered Mental Status - Pediatric (275.8 KB)
 SO-P-075 Seizure / Convulsion - Pediatric (237.5 KB)
 SO-P-080 Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension) - Pediatric (239.3 KB)
 SO-P-085 Substance Overdose / Poisoning - Pediatric (331.8 KB)
 SO-P-090 Nausea - Vomiting - Pediatric (390.5 KB)
 SO-P-105 Hyperthermia / Hypothermia - Pediatric (298.4 KB)
 SO-P-110 Left Ventricular Assist Device - Pediatric (564.4 KB)
 SO-T-015 Amputation Injuries - Adult / Adolescent (491.3 KB)
BLS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-AMA Signing Against Medical Advice (AMA) in the Field (628.6 KB)
 SO-B-001 Basic Life Support Standing Orders (560.1 KB)
 SO-B-002 Naloxone Administration (310.1 KB)
 SO-B-003 Glucose Oral Administration (311.8 KB)
Section UL
 IFT-SO-01 Interfacility Transport ALS Standing Orders (525.1 KB)
PROCEDURES - ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 PR-020 Combitube Placement (978.3 KB)
 PR-030 Endotracheal Intubation (Including ETCO2) (1.06 MB)
 PR-065 Needle Thoracostomy: Pediatric (308.9 KB)
 PR-085 10% Dextrose Solution Administration (280.4 KB)
 PR-105 12-Lead Electrocardiography (374.9 KB)
 PR-125 Intranasal (IN) Midazolam Or Fentanyl Administration Using Syringe and Atomizer Device (267.3 KB)
 PR-126 Intranasal (IN) Naloxone Administration Using Syringe and Atomizer Device (257.4 KB)
PROCEDURES - BLS Standing Orders
Section UL
 B-010 Tourniquets: Indications and Procedure (307.1 KB)
 B-015 BLS Provider Assistance with Nitroglycerine Administration (329.2 KB)
 B-045 Epinephrine Auto-Injector (BLS Optional Equipment) (312.1 KB)
 B-055 Glucometer (BLS Optional Equipment) (287.1 KB)
 B-060 Imminent Childbirth in the Field (777.9 KB)
SPECIALTY Standing Orders
Section UL
 SPC-SO-001 Special Deployment (Fireline) / Tactical Medical / ALS Air Rescue) ALS Standing Orders (579.6 KB)