ALS Standing Orders

ALS-Standing Orders
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I-10 Abbreviations & Definitions
I-15 ALS Medication Standing Orders
I-20 Pediatric Medication Dosages
SO-806.1 Procedures Prior to Base Contact
SO-806.2a Procedures Prior to Base Contact
SO-806.2b Procedures Prior to Base Hospital Contact
SO-AD-PILOT Alternate Destination Site Pilot Study 11-20-15
SO-ALS General ALS Standing Orders
SO-AMA Signing Against Medical Advice in the Field
SO-REL Evaluation without EMS Treatment or Transport (Release in Field)
CARDIAC - ALS Standing Orders
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SO-C-10 Cardiac Arrest (Adult)
SO-C-15 Chest Pain (Cardiac)
SO-C-20 Bradycardia
SO-C-25 Narrow QRS Complex Tachycardia
SO-C-30 Narrow QRS Complex Tachycardia - Irregular Rhythm - Adult/Adolescent
SO-C-40 Wide QRS Complex Tachycardia with a Pulse
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SO-E-05 Burn (Adult)
SO-E-10 Diving Accidents
SO-E-15 Non-Fatal Drowning
SO-E-25 Thermal
SO-E-30 Snake Envenomation
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IFT-SO-1 IFT General
IFT-SO-2a Cardiac Arrest
IFT-SO-2b Cardiac Rhythm Disorders
IFT-SO-3 Dispatch
IFT-SO-4 The Hospice Patient- Hospice Palliative Care
MEDICAL - ALS Standing Orders
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SO-M-05 Abdominal or Flank Pain, Non-Traumatic
SO-M-15 Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis
SO-M-20 Altered Mental Status
SO-M-25 Suspected Acute Stroke or Intracranial Hemorrhage (Stroke Triage Criteria)
SO-M-30 Psychiatric/Behavioral Emergencies
SO-M-35 Respiratory Distress
SO-M-40 Seizure/Convulsion
SO-M-45 Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension)
SO-M-50 Substance Overdose/Poisoning - Adult/Adolescent
SO-M-55 Suspected-Sepsis
SO-M-60 Nausea-Vomiting
OB - ALS Standing Orders
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SO-O-10 Hypertensive Disorders Of Pregnancy
SO-O-15 Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy
PEDIATRICS - ALS Standing Orders
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SO-P-005 ALTE- Apparent Life Threatening Event
SO-P-010 Newborn Care
SO-P-015 General Injury and Trauma- Pediatric
SO-P-020 Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Pediatric
SO-P-025 Amputation Injuries- Pediatric
SO-P-030 Crush Injury- Pediatric
SO-P-035 Acute Respiratory Distress- Pediatric
SO-P-040 Cardiopulmonary Arrest- Pediatric
SO-P-045 Symptomatic Bradycardia- Pediatric
SO-P-060 Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis- Pediatric
SO-P-065 Altered Mental Status- Pediatric
SO-P-075 Seizure/Convulsion- Pediatric
SO-P-080 Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension)- Pediatric
SO-P-085 Substance Overdose/Poisoning- Pediatric
SO-P-090 Nausea-Vomiting - Pediatric
SO-P-095 Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical)- Pediatric
SO-P-100 Non-Fatal Drowning- Pediatric
SO-P-105 Thermal Disorders– Pediatric
SO-P-110 LVAD- Left Ventricular Assist Device- Pediatric
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SPC-SO-1 Special Deployment ALS SO
TRAUMA - ALS Standing Orders
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SO-T-05 General Injury and Trauma - Adult/Adolescent
SO-T-10 Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest
SO-T-15 Amputation Injuries - Adult/Adolescent
SO-T-20 Crush Injury - Adult/Adolescent
SO-T-25 Taser