EMS Clinical Procedures

First Responder_Procedures
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 FR-15 1st Responder Intranasal Naloxone (Narcan) Administration (140.8 KB)
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 B-00 BLS Procedures Title (6.6 KB)
 B-01 Pediatric Assessment Triangle (193.4 KB)
 B-02 Glasgow Coma Scale (230.7 KB)
 B-05 Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR) (923.6 KB)
 B-05P Peds SMR (977.2 KB)
 B-10 Tourniquets: Indications and Procedures (26.7 KB)
 B-15 Assisting with Nitroglycerine for Chest Pain / Cardiac Ischemia (29.2 KB)
 B-20 Assisting with Metered Dose Inhaler (23.6 KB)
 B-25 Assisting with Aspirin for Chest Pain / Cardiac Ischemia (23.6 KB)
 B-30 12-Lead EKG Placement Procedure (81 KB)
 B-35 DuoDote (572.7 KB)
 B-40 AutoPulse Device (27.1 KB)
 B-45 Assisting with Epinephrine Auto-Injector (24.1 KB)
 B-50 Administration of Oral Glucose (24.1 KB)
 B-55 Assisting ALS with Glucometer (90.3 KB)
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 PR-000 ALS Procedures Title (6.6 KB)
 PR-001 Pediatric Assessment Triangle (202.4 KB)
 PR-002 Glasgow Coma Scale (234.4 KB)
 PR-003 Burn Body Surface Area Chart (293.5 KB)
 PR-004 APGAR Score (228.5 KB)
 PR-005 Airway Management: Tracheostomy Special Situations (149.6 KB)
 PR-010 Administration of Medication Via A PVAD (32.6 KB)
 PR-015 Amputation Management (24.7 KB)
 PR-030 Endotracheal Intubation: Adult 8/2012 (331.9 KB)
 PR-045 Jugular Vein Cannulation-External (50.7 KB)
 PR-060 Needle Thoracostomy (191.4 KB)
 PR-085 10% Dextrose Procedure (277.5 KB)
 PR-095 Synchronized Cardioversion (178.7 KB)
 PR-105 12-lead Electrocardiography (25.6 KB)
 PR-110 Transcutaneous Pacing (TCP) (590.7 KB)
 PR-115 Intraosseous Infusion (35.5 KB)
 PR-120 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (177.4 KB)
 PR-135 Pregnancy Emergency Delivery (258.4 KB)
 PR-140 King Airway (1.18 MB)
 PR-210 NM Blockade (245.7 KB)
 PR-215 Monitoring Thoracostomy (Chest) Tubes During Transport (277.3 KB)
 PR-220 Monitoring Heparin Infusion During Interfacility Transport (175.1 KB)
 PR-225 Monitoring Nitroglycerin Infusion During Interfacility Transport (175.7 KB)
 PR-230 Push Dose Epi (236.8 KB)