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The Orange County Medical Emergency Data System (OC-MEDS) is the countywide EMS information system used to track patient care events from the moment that a request for emergency medical service is received through discharge from an Emergency Department. The system is based on current standards as defined by the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) and the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS).  

Pursuant to California state statute (§1797.227) and local OCEMS Policy (300.30), all EMS Providers must utilize a Patient Care Reporting System (PCRS) that is certified compliant with the current version of NEMSIS (v3.4.0). The system must also include statewide CEMSIS data standards and include additional data elements as defined by the OC-MEDS Data Dictionary.  All EMS Providers must make the transition no later than December 31, 2016.

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*OC-MEDS: NextGen Planning - NEMSIS 3 Transition
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 NEMSIS 3 Implementation - 9-1-1 Call Volume Comparison (Updated 02/10/2017) (77.2 KB)
 NEMSIS 3 Implementation Status Report by Provider (Updated 02/10/2017) (79.6 KB)
 ONC Report on EMS / HIE Implementation (850.6 KB)
 Health Information Exchnage in EMS - HIE Committee Meeting Presentation 01-18-2017 (13.4 MB)
 Health Information Exchange in EMS - SAFR Workflow Training 12-19-2016 (13.3 MB)
 OC-MEDS Data Dictionary Implementation – System Change Notification - October 25, 2016 (212 KB)
 OC-MEDS Notification: NEMSIS v2 Systems Sunset – Jan. 1, 2017 (341.9 KB)
 OC-MEDS Data Dictionary Release Memo - 10-05-2016 (365.9 KB)
 OC-MEDS Data Compliance Summit Audio File - 06-22-2016 (23.86 MB)
 OC-MEDS Data Compliance Summit Presentation - 06-22-2016 (1.91 MB)
 OC-MEDS Elite Agency Administrator Training (3.46 MB)
 OC-MEDS Data Submission Application Instructions (562.2 KB)
 Non-Emergency Ambulance - ePCR Readiness Survey Results - Report (259.4 KB)
 OC-MEDS: Transition to NEMSIS 3 ePCR Systems - Letter (101.4 KB)
 California EMS Data System Requirements - Letter from EMSA (320.8 KB)
 OC-MEDS NextGen Data Lists and Policy Intro Presentation 10-21-2015 (1.74 MB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - Agency Administration Presentation 09-24-2015 (243.2 KB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - IT Professional Presentation 09-24-2015 (3.86 MB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - Super User Presentation 09-24-2015 (989 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub Roll Out Announcement (285.7 KB)
 OC-MEDS NextGen Planning Committee Presentation (10.1 MB)
 OC-MEDS: Next Generation Planning Committee - Request for Participants (622.2 KB)
Technical Notifications / Change Log
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 OC-MEDS Technical Update - April 2015 - Google Chrome Browser Issues (181 KB)
 OC-MEDS Technical Update - April 2015 - Spinal Motion Restriction (196.1 KB)
User Guides: Hospital Hub
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 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub - Administrator Supplement - 05/2015 (623.8 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub - Quick Reference - 05/2015 (108.1 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub User Guide v1.0 - 05/2015 (1.03 MB)